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Front Line Demonstrations

List of approved Front Line Demonstrations for 2017-18

KVK, Kolar conducts several demonstrations on farmers fields on technologies released by research institutes, universities. These are mainly related to latest released varieties, agronomic management of crops, methods to control pest & diseases, technologies to increase yields, agri implements to reduce drudgery of women, technologies to reduce cost of production etc., The main objective of Front-Line Demonstrations is to demonstrate newly released crop production and protection technologies and its management practices in the farmers' field under different agro-climatic regions and farming situations.

Sl. No. Category Crop/ Activity Title of the demonstration No. of  Demonstrations Cost of Demonstrations
1. Cereals Ragi Introduction of medium variety ML-365/KMR-204 for drought mitigation and delayed sowing 20 (8 ha) 18000 =00
2. Oilseeds Ground nut Introduction of new variety KCG-6 in groundnut for varietal replacement (NMOOP)   25 (10 ha) 85000 =00
3. Pulses Redgram Integrated crop management in Red gram var. BRG-1 (NFSM)   50 (20 ha)   150000 =00
4. Pulses Field bean Integrated pest management in field bean 05 (1 ha) 3825 = 00
5. Fruit crop Mango Integrated crop management in mango 10(4 ha) 60200 =00
6. Fruit crop Guava Management of bronzing in guava 03(1.2 ha) 2850 =00