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Front Line Demonstrations

List of approved Front Line Demonstrations for 2020-21

KVK, Kolar conducts several demonstrations on farmers fields on technologies released by research institutes, universities. These are mainly related to latest released varieties, agronomic management of crops, methods to control pest & diseases, technologies to increase yields, agri implements to reduce drudgery of women, technologies to reduce cost of production etc., The main objective of Front-Line Demonstrations is to demonstrate newly released crop production and protection technologies and its management practices in the farmers' field under different agro-climatic regions and farming situations.

Sl. No. Title of the Demonstration No. of Demo Unit Cost(Rs.) Area(ha) Budget(Rs.)
9. Integrated Crop Management in Mango 5 4800 2 24000
10. Good Horticulture practices in post harvest 1 2600 - 2600
11. Demonstration Of high yielding multicut Sorghum variety 20 400 4 8000
12. Intercropping of field bean under tree mulberry cropping system for additional income 5 700 1 3500
13. Demonstration of fogging technology in silkworm rearing house for better cocoon productivit 5 500 500 dfls 25000
14. Integrated nutrient management in mulberry for higher productivit 5 1840 2 9200
15. Introduction of bivoltine double hybrid Krishnaraja for quality production and stability 5 1410 500 dfls 7050