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On Farm Testing

List of Approved on Farm Testing for 2017-18

Through On Farm Testing Krishi Vigyan Kendra does comparative studies in farmers' fields to come to conclusion which of the technologies tested is more suitable to the resources available in the district & is cost effective. This is a form of participatory study where farmers' perspective is given most importance. The results of such studies can later be made available to farmers.On Farm Testing is aimed at testing the proven technologies evolved at Research Stations on farmers' field with their farming system perspective in view under their management and their active participation so as to convince them the relevance and viability of the new technology.

SL.NO Crop/ enterprise Title of intervention No. of trials Total cost for the Intervention (Rs.)
1 Cabbage Cabbage Evaluation of various pest management practices in cabbage 03 8550=00
2 Cucumber Assessment on Management of Downy mildew in Cucumber 03 9900 = 00
3 Cauliflower Assessment of management of DBM in cauliflower 03 18330=00
4 Sericulture Evaluation of suitable intercrops in tree mulberry for additional income 03 7890 =00
5 Papaya Micro nutrient management in Papaya 03 7200=00
6 Horse gram Assessment of suitable horse gram varieties for higher productivity 03 3150=00