Learning By Doing
Production of quality seeds, planting material value added products
nutrient mixtures as per the demand & supply to the farmers

District Profile


Kolar district in Karnataka is famous for silk and milk it is a Horticulturally important district where in farmers grow fruits and vegetables. In this district, the ICAR is establishing 631st KVK in the country, first in the XII plan, at Tamaka farm under the aegis of university of Horticulture Sciences, Bagalkot Karnataka the farm is ideally located on NH-4 making it easily access able to farmers and has a good collection of Jack fruit and mango germ plasm. Agro climatically, the KVK is located in the eastern dry Zone of Karnataka. It is a semi arid drought prone region with a annual rainfall of less then 700mm. In the dry land situations, farmers are growing millets, groundnuts, pulses and mango with the scarcely available underground water, farmers are cultivating hybrid vegetables and mulberry for silkworm rearing. Fodder for cross-bed cattle is also grown on a limited scale.

Establishing a KVK in this agricultural difficulty region will be a boon to farmers. The new KVK will provide all the technological support required to boost the scientific and climate resilient agriculture in this semi-arid situation.

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