Learning By Doing
Production of quality seeds, planting material value added products
nutrient mixtures as per the demand & supply to the farmers

Our Team

Name: Mr. K. Thulasiram
Designation: Senior scientist & Head
Date of Joining: 18.12.2012
Contact Details: 9480696395
E-mail Id: thulasiram_1968@yahoo.co.in
Name : Dr. Anil Kumar S.
Designation :Scientist (Soil Science & AC)
Date of Joining : 03.08.2019
Contact Details : 9743196196
E-mail Id :anilkumar.s@uhsbagalkot.edu.in
Name : Dr. Ambika D.S.
Designation :Scientist (Plant Protection)
Date of Joining :26.06.2019
Contact Details : 9964877788
E-mail Id :ambikads.path@gmail.com
Name: Dr.Jyothi Kattegoudar
Designation: Scientist (Horticulture)
Date of Joining: 18.06.2020
Contact Details: 8904603263
E-mail Id: Jyothikattegoudar@gmail.com
Name: Dr. Shashidhar K.R.
Designation: Scientist (Sericulture)
Date of Joining: 17.01.2014
Contact Details: 9242503992
E-mail Id: sericulture2014@gmail.com
Name: Dr. Chikkanna G.S.
Designation: Scientist (Home science)
Date of Joining: 22.06.2016
Contact Details: 9148889314
E-mail Id: chiksiari@gmail.com
Name: Mr. Umesha Naik
Designation: Farm Manager
Date of Joining: 01.03.2014
Contact Details: 8792632448
E-mail Id: umeshavnaik@gmail.com
Name: Mrs. C.S.Gnana Sudha
Designation: Programme Assistant(Computers)
Date of Joining: 27.01.2014
Contact Details: 9590179990
E-mail Id: gnanasud@gmail.com
Name: Mr. Ravi Shankar H.M.
Designation: Accountant
Date of Joining: 22.03.2013
Contact Details: 9481544440
E-mail Id: ravishankar201677@gmail.com
Name: Mrs. Savitri Rudrapur
Designation: Stenographer
Date of Joining: 12.03.2014
Contact Details: 9886878062
E-mail Id: savitrigr2015@gmail.com